Rules of Entry

Little Stompers aims to provide a clean, safe and enjoyable environment for all our guests.


It is important to follow the rules clearly listed around the centre and on the play equipment. We understand in the excitement of exploring, accidents can happen. Please report any accident to a member of staff. The accident will be recorded in the Accident book and, if required, First Aid will be applied by our trained and qualified First Aid Officer on-site.

Adult Participation

Adults are only permitted on the play structure to assist their child. Socks must be worn by both children and adults using the play structure.

Age Range

Little Stompers happily invites all children to 12 years of age. The play structure is designed for use by children 2-12 years only. There is a dedicated toddler’s area for under 2s. Children 3 years and over are not permitted to use the under 2s facilities to ensure the safety of our younger visitors and allows them to explore safely.

Baby Changing

We have a dedicated baby change table for your convenience. This is located within the unisex disabled bathroom.

Bullying, Rough Play and Damage

No form of bullying, offensive language or rough play by either children or adults will be tolerated. One warning will be issued and if the behaviour is witnessed again, you will be asked to leave the premises. No refund will be issued. Any physical damage to the centre will not be tolerated and the responsible person/s will be expected to pay for the repairs.

Car Parking

There is ample unrestricted, free car parking available for our guests. Car parking is at your own risk.


You indemnify and hold Little Stompers harmless against all claims, actions, suits, demands, costs, expenses, including all legal costs and expenses in any way arising out of the use of the Centre's equipment caused by your own negligence or that of a child in your care, or by negligence of any other person whatsoever or arising out of the condition of the equipment or the use to which it is put.

Cleanliness of the Centre

Little Stompers takes great pride in providing a clean and inviting environment. All areas, specifically bathrooms and change rooms, are inspected regularly, however if you are dissatisfied by the cleanliness of any areas of the centre, please bring this to the attention of the Staff. Similarly, if any food or drink is spilled or any other items require cleaning, please advise a member of staff immediately.

No food or drink is allowed on play equipment.

Dress Code

Children have more fun on the play structure when they’re dressed in comfortable and stretchy clothing. Little Stompers does not recommend clothing that can inhibit play or may be dangerous such as long skirts or dresses, items of clothing that have bows, strings (such as hoodies), or clothing with sharp items or decoration (such as studs).

Socks must be worn at all times by children and adults, who are assisting their child on the play equipment. Bare feet and shoes are not permitted on the play structure by either adults or children.

It is highly recommended that jewellery and other accessories are removed before play. Little Stompers take no responsibility for damage or loss to these items. No sharp objects are to be taken on to the play structure.


In the unlikely event of an emergency, please closely follow all instructions issued by staff and follow any signs.

Equipment Use

Entry to the centre is at your own risk. The price paid upon entry permits customers to a single play. A two hour time limit applies to the session.

Food and Drink

Please do not bring food and drink of any kind into the centre. Bottles, formula, baby food and birthday party cakes (for booked party functions only) are the only exceptions. Many children have allergies to products found in common foods and drinks. Exposure to these products can be life threatening to individuals. Our cafe caters for all allergies, dietary needs and cultural requirements - ask one of our team members in the cafe to assist you with your choices.

Parent to Child Ratio

Children must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18+). To ensure an enjoyable and safe party for all, we recommend a 1 to 5 parent-to-child ratio for birthday parties.


Children in your care may be photographed whilst onsite by centre staff and such photos may be used for promotional purposes. Please notify staff should you not wish this to occur. We ask that you refrain from taking photos of other children not in your care unless you have agreement from their supervising parent/guardian.

Safety Rules and Regulations

We have taken great care in ensuring a safe environment to all our visitors. We ask that you read and understand regulations, safety and operating rules displayed around the centre.

Sick Children

If your child becomes unwell during your visit to Little Stompers, we ask that you remove your child from the equipment immediately.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in or around the centre. Smoke detectors have been installed for your safety.


Little Stompers is not a childcare centre or supervised crèche service. Responsible parents/guardians must supervise the children in their care at all times.


Please don't hesitate to talk to one of our friendly team members.

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