Adult Platters & Package

These package options can be added on to any Party Package, or ordered individually.
Please order in advance.

Hot Treats - $35
Mini spring rolls, meatballs, pizza sub pieces

Chicken Wings Platter - $35
Hot ’n spicy and bbq wings with dipping sauce

Fresh Fish Pieces and Calamari - $45
With dipping sauce and lemon wedges

Sandwich Platter - $35
Selection of fresh mixed sandwiches

Fruit and Cheese Platter - $35
Fresh fruit, biscuits and cheese

Antipasto Platter - $35
Cold meats, cheese, dips, marinated vegetables and crackers

Gourmet Sausage Rolls Platter - $35
Freshly baked home-made sausage rolls with selection of spicy and mild dipping sauces

Beef and Chicken Skewers Platter - $45
Marinated beef and chicken skewers with dipping sauce

Chicken Schnitzel Sliders - $45
Delicious chicken, crisp lettuce & mustard mayo - 12 per platter

Mini Beef Burgers - $45
Beef patty, onion, lettuce, tomato & cheese - 12 per platter

Spinach Cob Dip - $25
Large cob loaf filled with a tasty spinach dip

Wedges with Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli Sauce - $20
1kg seasoned wedges with sour cream and mild sweet chilli

Corn Chips and Dips Platter - $20
Corn chips with salsa dip, guacamole and sour cream

Zucchini Slice - $20
Contains egg, cheese, zucchini, bacon, onion

Scones with Cream and Jam - $30
24 scone halves with strawberry jam and fresh whipped cream

Banana/Pear and Raspberry/Bread Platter $30
Selection of toasted breads with butter

Sweet Treat Platter $35
Selection of mini cakes and treats

Vegetarian and Gluten Free (selection of toasted breads and butter) Platters available on request


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